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Friday, January 15, 2016

Looming Conflict over Water

     Potable water is becoming scarcer all around the world. Today, The Economist has an interesting article about Egypt’s growing concern over the scheduled 2017 completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (Map below from the
     Comments to the article reveal both sides of the border.

     This very dam is the basis of Book 4 of my Legends of the Winged Scarab, 
The Nile Conspiracy.

     While it is of course a fictional account of the looming conflict between the two countries, one can only wonder about the future of the Blue Nile; and with it, the future of Egypt.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Book 5

Imagine the mighty Nile running dry due to human interference.
Only too soon, this very threat may become a devastating reality.

Riveting adventure and international intrigue find Naunet and Jonathan Wilkins back in Egypt where the construction of The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam portends a catastrophe of biblical proportions.

Amidst their struggle to save an ancient site, the archaeologists are caught up in a dangerous conspiracy. Their explorations become a death trap when the desperate Egyptians decide to turn a huge secret underground labyrinth into an emergency reservoir.
Will the combined recklessness of two governments explode into the annihilation of its people?

In The Nile Conspiracy, several characters, good and evil, from the series’ preceding volumes are once again pitted against each other, the elements, and time. The novel captures the struggles of an economically depressed Egypt by combining the challenges of an post-apocalyptic world with the awe-inspiring legends of an ancient culture.