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Monday, August 15, 2016

Sand, Heat and Wind

Check out a wonderful new trailer
Khamsin, The Devil Wind of The Nile
on YouTube

And Feel the Heat,
Taste the Gritty Sand between your Teeth,
Sense the Foreboding.
Know that Destinies hang in the Balance
as the Devil Wind Scours the Ancient Land.

(I know, I should put the actual trailer here,
produced by
but I haven't yet learned how to
size it correctly to be viewed on the various devices out there)

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Princess Nefret Speaks Out on the #AtoZChallenge

Today, April 13th, is "K-Day" for the
 Helen Hollick #HNSIndie #A2ZChallenge
 about fascinating characters from select Historical Novels.

 On this K-Day (for Khamsin),
it is my Princess Nefret's turn to speak up.

She is King Aha's Royal Daughter and Heiress,
burdened with a sinner's Ba,
an old soul "that has yet to live through many other storms"
(i.e., the sequels of the Legends of the Winged Scarab).

Read Nefret's Interview with Helen Hollick here: 


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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Khamsin - A Sandstorm and A Novel

JANUARY 7 - 12


The ferocious Saharan sandstorm forms the basis of my Historical Fiction Novel, Khamsin, The Devil Wind of The Nile.
Metaphorically speaking, this is a storm within an ancient ba.

"This reawakened soul, an essence that had lived through paradise and cataclysms, was destined yet to live through many other storms for it was a sinner's soul that had not yet found atonement on this earth."

The "khamsin" or "khamasin" or "khamseen," is a vicious sandstorm having devastated Egypt periodically for thousands of years.

The name actually means "Of Fifty Days."
Lucky for modern Man, it rarely lasts fifty days now - but its destruction is equally great in modern times as it was in Ancient Egypt.

Monday, April 27, 2015

I Feel Vindicated

Excerpted from Ancient Origins

“… Memphis once carried the name Ineb-hedj, meaning ‘White Walls’…”

  Artist's depiction of the white walls of the Great Temple of Ptah at Memphis. (Public domain)

Way back, in the early 90s, when I started my research for KHAMSIN (without the help of Google-search), I had a devil of a time to find the earliest name for Memphis. Even a museum curator (or his assistant) replied to my query with a disappointingly obtuse answer.

At last, glancing through some old accounts of Manetho, I think (it coulnd’t have been Flinders Petrie or Howard Carter because they wrote about Memphis as Menefer, etc.), I settled on Ineb-hedj, City of White Walls (and have often since wondered if I was wrong in doing so).

Then, I subscribed an the excellent blog entitled Ancient Origins. It has all sorts of astounding facts about our history. But today, it featured an article that made me grin all over my face: Russian Archaeologists Unearth Legendary White Walls of Memphis.

Writing about Ancient Egypt is tricky if you want to adhere to the original names without confounding the lay reader. After all, a historical fiction novel should be entertaining; but if one learns something in the process that is based on fact (provided it is well researched), the better, I say.

I think I’ll sleep well tonight knowing I got at least one thing right.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


KHAMSIN, The Devil Wind of The Nile,

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Guest at BigAl's Books and Pals

BigAl's Books and Pals do an outstanding job of reading and reviewing Indie books, all to introduce Indie writings to a wide audience.

This morning, BigAl featured my guest post about my own experience of researching historical fiction - notably for KHAMSIN, The Devil Wind of the Nile.

If you like, you can read the entire blog post here - and laugh at my silly hat to boot.

BigAl's Books and Pals: The Minefield of Writing Ancient Egyptian Fiction, a guest post by Inge H. Borg

Thursday, May 1, 2014

In The Spotlight

All of my seven books are included in The Indie Tribe's May Spotlight.

You can check here:

You count six?

Well, Pasha too managed to get his whiskers in.

For those of you who prefer to read a quality paperback, all my titles are available as such through Amazon.